D.B.M. develops and installs on the following platforms:
- Hardware: server & client Windows, Linux and Sun Solaris.
- Database: Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer and PostegreSql.
- Protocols: TCP / IP, WebSphere, SNA. Messaging: Iso8583, reformatting tailored to any target system
- Reports and document management software, storage replacement, Manage FTP SFTP, FTPS, PGP and more. D.B.M. will evaluate, always with the support of the customer, the best solution concerning Hardware and Software according to the business requirements.
Services: Over the years D.B.M. has worked with several banks and company services within the field of the credit cards and systems for the currency. The most relevant applications are:
- Software development of real time messaging TCP / IP connection between Mainframe and Linux / Windows/Oracle.
- Management reformatting communication protocol between GT and Acquirer
- Creation of personalized Frontend and Issuing & Acquiring.
- Real Time Risk management applications for support of issuing and lending.
- Issuing and acquiring sites.
- Monitoring, alerting, SMS dispatch.
In many cases we provide full service: collection requirements, personalized development analysis, U.A.T. phase , progressive production transition, and other services such as: hosting HW, SW, FTP management, document and BAU.Our fee includes: software bug and project tracking and ON DEMAND: PCI DSS certification.

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