About us

D.B.M. was founded in 2004 by a professional idea of three friends that decided to match together their experiences in information technology to create this company.

The know-how was within the systems for money: credit cards, personal loans, consumer credit, and computer skills were very different:
from the mainframe to the new open-source solutions.

We tried to make a synergy to develop services for large packages corollaries such as Software management systems for credit cards and money by using both old and new methodologies.

The software developed in recent years range from dispatching SMS, personalized reformatting system of authorization, B.O. cardholders and shops businesses, to F.E. Issuing and acquiring.

All this supported by a great attention to safety, because DBM is certified by 'PCI DSS’ from the payment circuits of Visa and Mastercard.

D.B.M. srl
Via Enrico Noe, 23 - 20133 Milano (MI) Italy.
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e-mail info@dbmsrl.com